Private clients

Sometimes making that first phone call is often the hardest step. Once you decide to call you need to find the right person with the experience and qualifications to understand your personal needs and requirements.

Corporate clients

Companies are recognizing that employees want work/life balance and no longer wish to compartmentalize their lives. Research highlights the corporate benefits of supporting employees’ development, personally as well as professionally.

About us

For further information on our coaches, please click on the links provided. Each associate working with Marshall Coaching Group is an established business owner and practitioner in their own right. We work together on a project basis in partnership with one-another. All are like-minded coaches, trainers and facilitators passionate about helping our clients grow leaders, teams and careers.

Enriching lives at work and at home

Do you:

  • yearn to get more from your work, study or personal life?
  • want to improve your relationship with your partner, family or friends?
  • need team building and leadership resources to increase productivity?
  • strive to build great connections in business or at home?

Marshall Coaching Group, a team of tertiary qualified and highly experienced practitioners, is dedicated to helping you enrich your life at work and at home. Whether it is about finding more meaning, improving relationships, getting better results or working on how your style impacts others, we are uniquely positioned to support you.

Our services for private clients include career coaching and counselling.

Our services for corporate clients include leadership workshops and programs, executive coaching and culture/capability diagnostics

Director, Tessa Marshall, has over sixteen years’ experience conducting workshops and one-to-one sessions which help you, your team and/or your loved ones get results.

  • Success at work
  • Meaningful career
  • Strong relationships
  • Emotional well being

that is what enriching your life is all about.

Private client and corporate services