Career Coaching

Career Coaching ; find a path that enriches your life at work and at home

At a career crossroads and unsure what the next step might be?

  • Wondering if you are ready for a complete change?
  • Want to know how to tap into the hidden job market, remembering that only 30% of jobs ever get advertised?
  • Need some help with preparing resumes and job applications?
  • Have a grown up son/daughter who could use some career guidance and interview skills training?

This is where getting some guidance from an experienced Career Coach can greatly help you. Tessa Marshall has over 20 years working in career coaching, executive recruitment and outplacement consulting both to private and corporate clients.

You will get:

  • a pragmatic, very practical coaching program suited to whichever transition stage you are at
  • a step-by-step manual Tessa has prepared specifically tailored to job search in the Sydney marketplace.
  • access to Tessa’s extensive network with recruitment consultants and employers across a wide range of disciplines which means she can open doors for you once you are clear which ones you want to knock on.

We can help you with:

  • Analysis of Individual Skillset and Working Style,
  • Agreed plan to locate future roles,
  • Job Search assistance,
  • Training on tapping into the hidden job network,
  • Preparation of Resumes and Job applications,
  • Training in How to Leverage Recruitment Consultants,
  • Networking skills,
  • Interviewing Techniques & Role plays.
  • Strategies to help you unblock whatever may be holding you back from taking the next step
  • Clients can also be connected to financial advisers where required.

What clients have said about Career Coaching:

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