Client Comments

Counselling Client Comments


“With three young kids and both working demanding professional jobs, it seemed to all be about chores and tasks with little time for fun, family, playfulness or each other. We needed to more clearly define our roles and expectations as husband & wife, find a way to revitalise our relationship and to work towards a happier calmer family life. Tessa helped us to identify problem areas, eradicate them and build risk management strategies for the future. We now have much more fun, more family time and are much clearer about working as a great parenting team. We still see her for check-ups now and then but have great tools in our tool kit for enjoying the “here & now” as well as navigating a happy future:” Ann & Ray

“We just kept arguing about the same things with no real resolution. We were both angry and frustrated. Counselling was something we were hesitant and nervous about doing. Tessa really helped us see things from the other persons’ perspective without assigning blame. We can now resolve conflict without yelling or getting frustrated and are a lot happier. We would recommend it to anyone who is having ongoing problems in their relationship” K & D

SELF-ESTEEM / DEPRESSION “ I did not want to go and see a counselor, but after a major relapse and loss of a friend my mum became worried and booked an appointment with Tessa. Tessa did not force me to talk about things I wasn’t comfortable with, and we addressed a number of things, not just the depression. She gave me techniques to manage stress, which I still use today, and taught me that a counselor is there all the time, not just when things get bad. Tessa was incredibly understanding and supportive, and I felt comfortable talking to her about all aspects of my depression. Talking to Tessa helped me to re-engage with school and see the positives in life again. She was such a massive help and I’m thankful for the support that she gave me”, Nikki

PARENTING/FAMILY “I’ve been to counsellors before but Tessa is unique in her great ability to “connect” and that makes you want to open up to her. I felt instantly at ease and safe talking about such personal things. I have been empowered with skills now that make a difference with my spouse and family. My life is better now because of her.” Thompson

GRIEF & LOSS “I tried a few different kinds of counselling services before seeing Tessa, and found them either too impersonal and limited in addressing all the interrelated aspects of life i was struggling with. I found her holistic approach very helpful in the sense that i could use her ideas and exercises in everyday situations. I saw immediate changes in my thought patterns, the ways i responded to events and people that otherwise caused great distress. I would recommend this style of counselling to anyone because it is very flexible and can be tailoured to your specific personality, offering many different ways to address things. For example, i am a uni student and responded well to articles and self help books that tessa specifically advised to me to read outside her sessions. This could have otherwise been overwhelming to do considering all the material out there these days.” Kim V

ANXIETY “My appointments with you helped me more than you know, I continue to practice things we spoke about eg. calming technique. The techniques you taught me about imagining I’m in my favourite place whilst on the plane REALLY helped me and I found myself not relying on the sleeping pills so much. I also now use those techniques in other uncomfortable situations – thank you.” Anna S

CHILDHOOD TRAUMA” Although I had reservations about making my first appointment, I am now very glad I gave myself the opportunity. Our sessions provide a safe place to share my thoughts, understand myself better and see my past and future in a more positive light. I expect that I will continue to make appointments from time to time whenever the need arises. I consider myself lucky to have found you and would recommend you without hesitation.!”, Tim

ADDICTION “Tessa is a great weapon to have in your arsenal. She allows u to face your problems which helps you over come your addiction. You fixed me up Tessa, both me and my family are grateful” Fred.

Career Coaching Client Comments

“I was happy with my career achievements so far but wanted to be more structured to plan the next stage of my career and to ensure it best leveraged my strengths and passions. Tessa helped provide clarity and structure to the thinking process as well as exercises to help me get clearer with what I do and don’t want in my career. This has helped me to avoid any “knee-jerk impulsiveness” and I am now on my way on an exciting entrepreneurial venture that ticks all the right boxes” Henry T, entrepreneur

“I found Tessa from Marshall Coaching Group to be extremely valuable whilst trying to decide which career direction to take and only wished I had done the coaching sooner. Tessa was able to clarify my interests, strengths and goals and match those with different suitable career options. The end result was a career match that I had noticed before, but had not properly considered until the coaching with Tessa. When she helped me investigate the option, I had a lightning bolt moment and have confidently chosen this career for myself! Tessa has a gifted ability to listen and form an accurate picture of a person very quickly and I found that she clarified things about me in an informative way. We had to do our coaching sessions via Skype as we are states apart, and this worked just as well as face to face. I highly recommend Marshall Coaching Group.” Johanna Anning Retailer

“School was miserable and it was getting harder and harder to face another day putting up with it all. Things that normally had some joy started becoming boring and the only good thing was family, music and friends. Mum suggested getting some professional support and although I was pretty unsure how it could help me, I realised, after going to Tessa, that there is a future for me, that I do have many strengths and talents and that I can make choices that differ from the norm. It was a difficult journey but I have now left school to take up a practical vocational course. I still see my friends but can actually get up in the morning now without it being such a drag.” HH, Student

“I had left my previous job a few months before and had a vague idea of what I wanted to do next but just wasn’t sure how my resume appeared and where to start in applying for jobs. Tessa helped me not only get clearer on what I wanted, but provided great feedback on my resume, “elevator spiel” and list of companies to target along with role-playing for interviews and this gave me far more confidence to get out there, network and market my wares. I am now working in a speciality area I was seeking and whilst it is only early days, so far it is working out just great…and it is nice to be back in the workforce and learning and challenging myself! Thank you Tessa.” Priyanka, Accountant

Whilst in Year 10 my son become very hesitant to go to school, couldn’t see the point of doing any work in class, let alone any homework.
With two and a half more years in front of him before the HSC it all became too much and was overwhelmed by the idea of staying at school.
Agreeing to see a careers counsellor was his first step. Luckily we found Tessa, and he started to see that life could be fulfilling and rewarding even if he did not complete Yr 12. He left school early in Yr 11 and is currently studying in a field where he achieves success, and is even making plans as to how far this career can take him. I am so grateful of the help that Tessa gave him in making this decision, as leaving school early is a brave move. RH, Parent,

“I saw Tessa for some career guidance. I was miserable at work having been so used to playing the role of professional lawyer, mother, daughter and wife but had never had the chance to play the role of “me”. I wanted to change careers but felt unsure what my transferable skills were, what else I could do, what was realistic and my confidence was sinking quite low. Tessa helped with career guidance tools and practical strategies to help clarify what was most important to me, rebuild my confidence and assist me to get a clearer picture of who I am and what gives me joy. While career coaching wasn’t always easy or enjoyable, I am very glad I did it. I now feel clearer and have carved out a hybrid career that meets both my passion and monetary needs. I have significantly improved self-confidence and am happier at work than I have ever been, in a role that makes use of my existing skills in a way that suits me, while also allowing me to develop new talents and pursue my interests.” Elizabeth R, Lawyer