Growing Leaders, Teams, Careers

Organisations are recognizing that employees want work/life balance and no longer wish to compartmentalize their lives. Research highlights the corporate benefits of supporting employees’ development, personally as well as professionally. These benefits include greater work satisfaction, improved retention, reduced absenteeism and higher productivity.

Marshall Coaching Group assists your company to maximize your team’s satisfaction AND productivity.

We are uniquely positioned to help you assess your team’s engagement, performance & impact on others AND build plans to create optimal business results through the following services.

Initially, our corporate division developed from a number of our private career coaching clients wanting to apply the same strategies within their workplaces that had been so successful for them in other areas of their lives.

It has now expanded to include workshops, courses, seminars, group and individual programs. Please read on to hear what other clients have said or contact us to find out more.

Want to be a parent-friendly employer? Offer the Career After Kids seminars to staff returning from parental leave to help them juggle work and family. For the next workshop visit for details