Strategic Planning Facilitation


Building results through agreeing the vision,rainbowthe plan and how to get there

Five reasons to host facilitated offsite meetings for your strategy reviews:

  • With the pace of change, strategic planning reviews are a vital event for businesses
  • It is chance for senior management to reflect, connect and ignite the future vision
  • A key output is to set or revisit the business plan looking beyond next quarter/year
  • Taking the leadership team offsite gets them out of the chaos and busy-ness of the day to day thus enhancing creativity
  • Business plans are less likely to end up in a drawer somewhere when an external facilitator chairs the meeting. Results are more likely to convert to action! See below

What is the facilitator’s role?

“Like many organisations, we have conducted strategic planning offsites in the past that have ended up as a talk fest, chaotic and without effective accountability or follow up. We wanted to get an external facilitator this time to make it smoother, keep it on track and maximise the chance of it leading to a clear actionable business plan. Not only did Tessa deliver this in spades but the team were pleasantly surprised at just how much laughter, fun and creativity could be a part of what they all dreaded would be a dry, painful process. If you need a structured, result-focussed and thoroughly enjoyable team offsite facilitated, don’t go past Tessa” Dr John Reggars, Vice-President COCA

Set Up:
To interview key stakeholders prior to the event to clarify key goals, outcomes, no of days needed and to agree the Executive Reports and other pre-work required to ensure it is a “working, decision-making session”. This includes partnering with program sponsor to ensure the agreed pre-work is done and logistics run smoothly

On the day: To facilitate a dynamic, enjoyable and highly interactive strategic planning event where realistic goals are set and achieved, that the meeting stays on track, that all have input and stay open to the ideas of others (minimise the “yeah buts”)

Follow up: And most importantly, to ensure ideas are converted to a prioritised action plan with key tasks, accountabilities and follow up

What is the evidence that results will be achieved?

Tessa of Marshall Coaching Group has conducted similar events over the last fifteen years for Consumer Goods companies, hospitals, finance firms, schools, an engineering firm, recruitment providers and is a regular participant in Lifeline’s Board Strategy sessions and for MCG’s own. Verbal and written testimonials from other clients can be provided upon request.

“Initially, many of my colleagues were sceptical about the value in having a strategic planning meeting offsite and with a facilitator. We needed to step out of the day-to-day and review where we are headed but, like me, they had been to past offsites where ideas were generated but there was no allocation of tasks, accountabilities or follow up plan and the whole thing ended up in a bottom draw somewhere. We did not want this happen and knew from past experience, that having an external facilitator meant we could all contribute and maximise output. Tessa not only kept us on track and delivered the outcomes sought from the offsite, she also provided great tips to ensure the resulting business plan remains a live, organic working document that is our compass for the year ahead and beyond”
Dr Bruce Walker, Life member, past president and senior executive member, COCA
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