Leadership Coaching

To help shine your performance

Do you or one of your staff aspire to….

  • Enhance your leadership skills?
  • Nurture greater engagement and productivity in your team?
  • Become a better coach to others?
  • Improve business results whilst maintaining a decent work/life balance?

This is where a series of solution-focused sessions with one of our qualified, reputable executive coaches can give you the skills and practical support to make a difference.

Focusing on outcomes and business results

  • Coaching is goal-based and tailored to your specific business and personal needs. Ask about our 360 Leadership Assessments to assist with goal-setting
  • A six, eight or twelve session program generates results such as the following:

Delegating more effectively
Team building & engagement
Coaching others
Effective feedback
Powerful professional communication
Career development
Managing upward
Leadership development
Managing virtual teams
Influencing & negotiation

Coaching and the Bottom Line
For the company

  • Improved retention and succession: Able to promote high potentials to higher roles as their leadership skills improve
  • Better sales results: through improved teamwork, time management and staff motivation
  • Improved productivity through better leadership, delegation and staff empowerment

For the leader

  • Personal awareness: helping them to “look in the mirror” and alter behaviours and beliefs that are detracting from being an effective leader.
  • Growth beyond work: Applying new communication skills with family as well as at work thus building better relationships in all facets of their life
  • Better working relationships and taking more personal ownership: Seeing what is in their control and using this to improve work relationships rather than waiting for others to do so, better understanding the priorities and goals of others in the organisation thus improving influencing, empathy and negotiating skills as well as job satisfaction.

Coach the Coach Workshops

We can offer your managers one-to-one or group workshops on how to be an effective coach and mentor for your team. We will show you some of the coaching techniques of the masters and some practical mentoring strategies you can use in your own life and for your staff.

Client testimonials

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