Dr Peter Tuchin is passionate about enriching people’s physical wellbeing at work and at home.
As well as being our specialist Health Coach, OHS/Ergonomics consultant and trainer, Peter oversees his own Health & Wellness clinic, is a senior lecturer at Macquarie University, world-renowned migraine researcher, with a PHD on headaches and migraines, and consultant to industry on OHS, ergonomics and injury prevention/management.

Key Achievements
•   Reduction of workers compensation costs by over $1.5 million
for a major client
•   Reducing Insurance premiums for major client via establishment of and training within OHS organisational structure/reporting procedures and consulting on WorkCover requirements
•   Development of key OHS manuals to meet compliance and reduce long-tail claims
•   Recruitment and professional development of key OHS staff
Introduction of health & wellbeing programs incorporating improved ergonomics, “stretch and move” programs, massage & chiropractic resulting in improved morale, greater productivity and reduced sick days
•   Reduction of absenteeism and “presentee”ism via more effective sick leave management
Occupational Health & Safety Awards
• World Federation of Chiropractic Research Awards- 1999 & 2005

Qualifications & Experience

BSc GradDipChiro DipOHS PhD (headaches and migraines)
Senior Lecturer, Macquarie University
Industry Consultant
Private Practice since 1986
•    Industry OHS Consultant, The Brief Group
•    Former General Manager, OHS for I-MED
(ASX 100 company of 4500 staff)
•    Team Leader, Workplace Injury Management Branch,
WorkCover NSW
•    Past Head of the Department of Sciences, Macquarie University
•    Published many studies on spinal care, minimizing stress at work
and on physical wellbeing
•    Private practice for over 20 years assisting patients to return
to health and stay well
•    Past Governor of the Australian Spinal Research Foundation
•    National President of Chiropractic & Osteopathic College of

Current Research includes:

• Physical Causes Of Stress
• Headache & Migraine Treatment
• Knox Medallion, Macquarie University

Recent Keynote speaker or Invited presentations

•    Wellbeing at Work. Minising Stress 2010
Development and assessment of clinical diagnostic skills.
ACC Education Summit 2009
•    Centre of Research Expertise in Improved Disability Outcomes
(CREIDO)- Prof David Cassidy, Ph.D., Dr.Med.Sc. Director,
CREIDO, University Health Network Rehabilitation Solutions;
Senior Scientist, Division of Health Care and Outcomes Research,
Toronto Western Research Institute
•   10th Annual National Workers Compensation Summit – Reducing long-tail claims 2009
•   Injury Management National Summit- Improving OHS practices 2008
•   National Workers Compensation Annual Conference- 2008
•   Inaugural Chronic Pain Association of Australia Conference. 2007
•   National Workers Compensation Annual Conference- 2007
•   UNSW Sonographer OHS training in injury prevention-