Emma has specialised in HR, Recruitment and Career-Mentoring for over 12 years with companies such as KPMG, Zurich Financial Services, JP Morgan in Australia and the UK.

She is a highly experienced and leading edge HR, Leadership Development & Career Coaching Practitioner who specialises in diversity, flexibility and supporting parents return to work. She founded Mums@work and Changing Places HR and partners with Marshall Coaching Group on developing emerging leaders and building leadership team effectiveness.

Relevant Experience

Throughout her career, Emma has supported the growth of many leaders through workshop design and facilitation, running e-learning forums such as webinars and both one-to-one and group coaching.
Emma is an author and professional speaker in the areas of career management, talent management, working parents, is current NSW President of the Career Development Association of Australia as well as being the co-author of the Working Parents Toolkit and Return to Work Toolkit.

She is also a member of NSW Equal Employment Opportunity Practitioners’ Assoc (NEEOPA) and Talent Leadership Consortium


In 2010, Emma was shortlisted for NSW Telstra Business Woman of the Year.

She is the mother of twin boys under 2 and has first hand experience of the ups and downs of returning to the workforce.